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Replacement doors

can offer better protection and insulation for your home, as well as give it a new look and feel. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, of which we are an accredited member, we know we can give you a replacement door in the southwest Kansas area that will exceed your expectations.

No matter what kind of Replacement Doors you are having installed – interior or exterior – it is important that the door frame and trim are not damaged. We have the expertise and experience to install any type of door, and you can be certain these components will remain intact.

We proudly carry the ProVia Door product line, offering a variety of door types, including entry and storm replacement doors.

Did you know that when you use ProVia for your replacement doors, you are actually saving yourself money in the long run? These doors are energy efficient – far more so than what you’d buy at a home improvement store – which means they will reduce your heating and cooling costs. All ProVia entry doors are Energy Star® compliant, which means they have save energy and money and protect the environment. In addition, by installing such a door, you may be eligible for a tax credit – ask us how.

And to protect your new ProVia entry door, consider a storm door. These doors, which are also energy efficient, keep the elements out. They are made using 20 percent thicker aluminum than the doors you’d find at home improvement stores. Using visualization software, we can also help you create custom replacement doors to meet any configuration you may have.

Maybe you want to put in replacement doors that look like French doors. The most traditional type is divided lite, which are made up of several pieces of glass and have mullions, or decorative elements, that divide the adjacent window panes. Such doors are most often made of hardwood. They can be a great options for a patio door if you have a garden or backyard you want to show off, since they have so much glass. Or they can lend some elegance at the entrance to your master bedroom.

French-door style exterior replacement doors are a bit different because they are made with double-pane glass, which offers improved insulation. Between panes can be a decorative grille, and they can be one-piece solid or sliding doors, depending on your intentions for use.

Sometimes you need replacement doors for your sliding-glass doors. We can take care of those, too. These types of projects are most often found in older homes; when that’s the case, these types of doors can be the least energy-efficient thing in your home. With the advent of new technology, today’s sliding-glass doors are made from the same material in energy-efficient windows, helping to cut down on your energy bills.

No matter what type of replacement doors you need, our 30 years of experience guarantees that you will get a job that is second to none.

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